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Lair of Mojo Jojo  

Mojo Jojo is the moniker of the owner/designer/evil overlord of this site.  Someday this page will have something significant on it.  :)

"Ha ha! I laugh at your pain! I make a sound of pleasure at your shortcomings.
I do this because I am bad, I am evil, I am Mojo Jojo!"

"In reality there is only room enough in this world for one Mojo Jojo. One shall be the number of Mojo Jojos in the world, and the number of Mojo Jojos in the world shall be one. Two Mojo Jojos is too many, and three is right out. So the only Mojo Jojo there is room for in the world, shall be me! And being the only Mojo Jojo in the world, I will rule the world in which there is only one MOJO JOJO."


Mojo Jojo's Page is still under construction